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The former British hill station, Kalaw, lies around 1350m above sea level, and thus benefits from a temperate climate, although there can even be frost in December and January. The mountains surrounding Kalaw, up to 1800m high, are ideal for day- or longer treks, during which you can visit the villages of different ethnic tribes (Pao, Danu, Palaung),  enjoy the nature and the magical view from the View Point over a cup of tea.

The Kalaw National Park located close to the Amara Mountain Resort Hotel offers a wide variety of flora and fauna.  For example,  over 400 species of birds have been sighted in the National Park Kalaw out of the approx. 1000 species found in Myanmar, thus making it a favorite destination for bird watchers. In addition there are leopards, several feral cat species, wild boar, monkeys, reptiles and deer. And the many types of wild orchids delight visitors!

There are interesting pilgrimage caves filled with Buddha images in and around Kalaw. (Excellence Award Certificate als pdf)

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