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Special Purchases in Myanmar

Myanmar is a land of colourful markets, traders and handicrafts. On the food markets, you will find the most  exotic fruits, which your hotel will wash and prepare for you. Fine arts and devotional objects can also usually be found on these markets or close to busy pagodas and monasteries.

Amongst the artisans, the  silk and cotton weavers are famous, but so are the laquerware craftsmen. Even today you may well be able to find and purchase older, more valuable items.

Laquerware includes the old writing tablets with Pali script on them, which you can find in antiques shops and on markets.

Occasionally you can also find so-called  opium weights. These are bronze animal figures in 5-10 different sizes and weights, which were once used by all traders (not only for opium).

When purchasing  antiques, you should enquire about customs regulations with your guide, since particularly old and valuable items are to be kept within the country through the export ban. There is usually no problem with objects from the last 50 years or valued at under 100US$.

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