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Naga Festival, Nagaland

The Naga Festival usually takes place in January in Nagaland to the north of Bagan as a New Year’s celebration. Each year, a different village or town hosts the festival, so that all villages in this inaccessible region have a chance to participate.

Each village sends its dance groups and musicians, who perform the ritualistic dances asking for fertility and a rich harvest for the new year. They wear ancient traditional costumes, including headdresses adorned with tiger teeth, eagle feathers and boar tusks. Palm wine flows copiously, fires blaze and the ceremonial drums are beaten only on this day.

Depending on the host village of the festival, we offer 3-7 day travel programmes from and to Bagan or Yangon, which can easily be combined with other travel plans or an Amara River Cruise.

We need a longer notice period for this programme, since we must apply for your special permit. Please enquire for more information on dates and prices.

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