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Fire-walking Festival,Yangon

While the predominant religion in Myanmar is Buddhism, the second most prevalent is Hinduism. The main areas of Hinduism are in the south and southwest, but also in Yangon. The most spectacular Hindu festival is the Mee Nin Pwe Fire-walking Festival in the spring.

After several weeks of ritual preparation and guidance by their gurus, about 50 young men are ready to walk over 4m of smouldering hot ash. They walk barefoot across the long ash-filled trench, their bare torso covered in ochre-paint and their cheeks often pierced, calmed by drugs and cheered on by the crowd. Indeed, their feet show no signs of blisters or injuries afterwards. As a spectator, you will probably never witness a more colourful and impressive festival.

Depending on the host village of the festival, we offer 1-2 day travel programmes from and to Yangon. Please enquire for more information on datesand prices.

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